The Instrument Maker´s Wife


Historiske musikinstrumenter

The Instrument Maker´s Wife tells about

Historical Music Instruments

show their function and play the instruments.

  You are welcome to write or phone for further information!


Anne Jensen

Telephone: 0045 - 55 81 77 88     Mail:

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Video links to The Instrument Maker´s and his wife (sorry it is in Danish):


I am the Instrument Maker´s Wife - That is for sure.

My job is to pass on knowledge about historical music instruments.

I go to folk high schools, music schools and many other groups of people, to show and tell about these lovely ancient instruments.

From May to the end of October - I offer people - on specific days - to come to our home on Møn. Please look at the calender for these days.

I will sing and play, viking music, medieval music or rennaisance music after your choice.

Come and listen to the ancient sound of these beatiful historical instruments!

Hear about their history, see the instrument inside, where it is possible - perhaps there will be a chorus for you to sing, perhaps a drum to play.

Price for paticipation

Adult: 100 kr (€ 13)

Children (3 to 14 years): 50 kr (€ 6,50)

Would you like to meet me somewhere els, look at the calendar, to see where I am during the year.

Would you like me to come and join you at the fire on the Beach or somewhere els, please call me for an offer.

You can on this very homepage also see some of the music instruments the instrument maker

builds. But we have many more instruments to show you, than the once shown there.

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Here you can have a wiew into the workshop to see some instruments being built.

On YouTube you kan find us by searching on Harpestrengen or Instrumentmagerens Kone.

Please contact me for further information!

Love from

The Wife of the Instrument Maker, Kvinta Harpestreng.

Also sometimes called:

Bodhi Anne Jensen

Ympehavevej 8

4792 Askeby


Phone: 0045 - 55 81 77 88


Here is a short video with The Wife of the Instrmentmaker:


Listen to the Ancient Sound!